Swingers is a crazy golf venue with two UK locations that offer street food and unique experiences for guests. They use both Serve (our order and pay solution) and Connect (our hospitality marketing platform), so we spoke to Swingers Head of Marketing, Ella Parkes, about how these tech solutions benefit their venue and guests.

How Swingers selected me&u 

The main drive for Swingers is guest experience, so their tech solutions needed to match their offering and plans for future growth.

“It’s all about creating unforgettable social experiences through amazing crazy golf, delicious street food and cocktails and world-class hospitality,” says Ella.

“We needed a supplier that could grow with our business from a marketing perspective and operationally.” 

Ella told us that Serve ticks boxes for guests ordering and payment processes that match their experience goals.“I think nowadays, guests expect to be able to order food and drink straight to their table without leaving their seats. I know for a fact that our guests love the fact they can scan our codes on the tables. They don’t have to waste time at the bar waiting to order,” she says.  

As for Connect, the fact the CRM is purpose-built for hospo helped sell it. The integrations we offer allow hospitality marketers a platform that aggregates and combines all their data into one place.

“Connect really fulfils Swingers’ marketing needs. It was built for hospitality businesses, and that really helps with our other suppliers and the integration between all the different platforms. It makes everything super seamless, and we can really build a highly rich data profile of all of our guests,” says Ella.

What Swingers love about their tech

“My favourite aspect of me&u is helping us deliver a seamless guest experience in-venue with  our food and drink as well as capturing really detailed customer data that we can use in our marketing campaigns,” Ella tells us. 

Another massive win for Swingers is the fact that the me&u team are there to help them with all things Connect.

“Since signing up with Connect at Swingers, we’ve had a dedicated account manager. They’re based in the UK and have been incredibly helpful from setting up our account all the way through building our automation and email campaigns.” 

The power of integrations

As a hospitality-centric business, me&u integrates with leading partners, like Wireless Social. Ella touched on this before, but the value of it shines in this example. 

“me&u and Wireless Social work together in a number of ways that really benefit us from a marketing point of view,” says Ella. 

“Whether it’s a cocktail offer or a promotion on margarita day. That’ll be the first thing those guests see when they log in to our Wi-Fi, and they’ll be directed straight through to me&u's Serve.”

Data collection through a unified provider 

Data is one of the most valuable assets that a venue can accumulate. And Swingers love how me&u helps them collect and use their data.

“The benefit of using both Serve and Connect is that it ultimately links our pay and order systems with our email marketing platform. This is incredibly powerful when it comes to customer data and the insights being able to create personalised, targeted campaigns around what our guests enjoy eating and drinking at the venue and getting them to return for that burger or that cocktail again,” says Ella. 

The results

Since joining me&u, Swingers have achieved over £1m in sales, received more than 53k orders and brought in 40k new customers.

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