Why customers love contactless ordering at venues

Want to know how something the size of a drink coaster has revolutionised the face of restaurant technology? We’re diving into contactless ordering systems, how these QR codes work and the value they can bring to your own venue.

As punters flock back to pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants, venues are getting busier than ever. While the days of social distancing and density limits might be behind us, here’s what hasn’t changed: customers still love to tap into the power of at-table ordering.

In fact, contactless ordering is much more than just a remnant of the global pandemic - it’s become a baseline expectation for the world’s top hospitality venues. 

Want to know how something the size of a drink coaster has revolutionised the face of restaurant technology? We’re diving into contactless ordering systems, how these QR codes work and the value they can bring to your own venue. 

What is contactless ordering technology?

The idea behind contactless ordering is simple: tap, order and pay, all without leaving your table.

By scanning a QR code on a small round disc (we call them beacons) the menu pops up on your smartphone. From this digital menu, customers can place food and beverage orders through a web browser and pay directly from their phone.

This QR ordering system transforms the dining experience so that customers can get back to soaking in the venue and staff can get back to what they do best: providing top-notch hospitality.

What are the benefits of using a contactless ordering system in your venue?

The face of hospitality has changed quickly over the past few years and the expectation that venues keep up to date has risen. Coupled with an ever-growing list of new spots to compete with, it can be hard to keep the drinkers and diners coming back. 

So how do you attract new faces and become their go-to local?

Let’s take a look at some of the key ways that contactless ordering systems can unlock efficiencies, maximise your revenue and provide a more streamlined approach to service:

  • At-table ordering erases the need for queues as each customer can order from the comfort of their table, all while keeping the conversion going.

  • Welcoming large group bookings has never been easier. Group tabs let the crew choose how to split the bill or pay individually from their own phone.

  • Staff spend less time behind the till and more time delivering great hospitality and keeping happy customers coming back.

  • Tips tips tips! Did you know that venues using me&u have seen a 68% increase in tips, simply by switching to a QR ordering system?

  • It delivers full transparency and a smoother in-venue experience, with alerts and item redirects during peak service times.

  • Easily boost sales by 30% with recommended sides, upsells and easy reordering.

  • An engaging visual menu prompts guests to order with their eyes.

  • Plus, your team gains access to data and live customer feedback helps you make real-time improvements to how you run your venue.

How does at-table ordering tech improve restaurant operations?

High-turnover locations like CBD lunch spots and cafes can increase efficiency and reduce table times while restaurants and pubs looking to keep patrons staying longer and spending more can maximise revenue and customer satisfaction.

Whichever way you look at it, smarter technology means smarter business. By integrating at-table ordering and payment into your existing operations, you’re helping your team work more efficiently. 

Wondering how contactless ordering tech can help you better manage your venue? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Tailor your menu across different parts of your venue and at different times of the day with just a few taps for ultimate control.

  • Make informed staffing and resourcing decisions with real-time data and dashboards.

  • Slash wait times by over 50% to serve more customers and keep them coming back.

  • Get your team to work smarter, not harder and operate with fewer people without compromising a top-notch level of service.

  • Refocus your people on delivering great hospitality and memorable in-venue experiences, rather than spending their time taking payments behind the till.

Why do customers love using QR ordering systems?

Modern life is all about convenience: walk in, sit down, and order. Imagine a world with no queuing at the bar, the ability to see what you’re getting before you place the order, and make easy customisations.

me&u’s Hospitality Trends report shows that 80% of customers expect to see smart restaurant technology at the venues they visit in the future. Embrace the new wave of restaurant tech and make your venue their go-to place. Contactless ordering systems can keep you ahead and offer simple solutions to pain points like bill splitting, long bar queues and lengthy wait times for food and drinks. 

Here at me&u, our QR ordering system makes hospitality smarter by enabling venues to maximise revenue and efficiency through a unified ecosystem. 

Interested? Request a demo to future-proof your venue.

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