How other industries have personalised their products

February 12, 2024
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Personalised customer experiences can be implemented in a variety of ways across different industries. Here are a few examples of how various industries have personalised their customer experiences.


Online retailers have been at the forefront of personalised customer experiences through the use of data and technology. Many e-commerce sites use data on customer browsing and purchasing history to make personalised product recommendations and targeted marketing campaigns. Some e-commerce companies also use AI-powered chatbots to provide personalised customer support and answer customer questions.


Retail stores are increasingly using technology to personalise customer experiences. For example, many retailers are using mobile apps to provide personalised offers and discounts to customers based on their browsing and purchasing history. In addition, some retailers are also using technology such as RFID to track customer interactions in-store and provide personalised recommendations and support.


Healthcare providers are also personalising customer experiences through the use of technology. For example, many healthcare providers are using electronic medical records (EMR) to provide personalised care to patients by analyzing the patient's medical history and identifying potential risks. Some healthcare providers are also using telemedicine to provide personalised consultations and support to patients remotely.

Banking and finance

Banks and financial institutions are using data and technology to personalise customer experiences. For example, many banks are using mobile apps to provide personalised financial advice and support to customers based on their account activity and financial goals. In addition, some financial institutions are using AI to personalise the customer support experience by answering customer questions and providing assistance through chatbots.


The travel industry is personalising customer experiences in various ways. For example, hotels are using customer data to personalise the stay experience, such as providing personalised welcome messages, room preferences, and even in-room service. Hotels also now use chatbots to assist with the booking process, providing personalised recommendations and help with any queries and problems.

These are just a few examples of how various industries are personalising customer experiences. It's important to note that personalised customer experiences are a continuous process, as the companies should be in a constant loop of data collection, analysis and implementation to enhance the experience of their customers.

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