Restaurant Launch x Baccomatto Osteria: Generating $48,840 in revenue in two months

January 30, 2024
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Here’s a cool story where we’re merely the Michael-Jackson-eating-popcorn GIF, but we’re so pumped to share for the sake of hospitality marketing education.

Baccomatto Osteria is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Randwick, NSW. They use our customer relationship management (CRM) tool, Connect, to email their customers once a week, with their signature pasta recipes (always provide value!), what’s happening in-venue and a monthly look at the chef’s menu.

Skipping to the cool part: they generated $48,840 in revenue in two months purely through email marketing within Connect and working with Restaurant Launch.

Working with Restaurant Launch

Restaurant Launch is a hospitality marketing service led by Nathan Moses. After running his own successful restaurant in Sydney for six years before selling in 2018, Nathan created Restaurant Launch to help restaurant owner-operators make more money in their restaurant. 

“No one starts a restaurant because they are great at marketing. They do it because they are great at the food or the cocktails or creating a great customer experience. 

My goal is to let restaurant owners focus on what they do best, knowing they have someone who makes sure their marketing leverages all the great things they are doing in-venue and gets more customers through their doors.”

Restaurant Launch acts as a marketing service provider for owner-operated restaurants and uses tried and tested strategies that grew revenue in Nathan’s own restaurant. 

Owners engage the service and know they have someone running their marketing for them who gets the nuances of the restaurant business. 

Baccomatto Osteria work with Restaurant Launch to grow their business.

“I sat down with Michael at Baccomatto after coming in for dinner. They were doing everything right, the food and the service was great, they just needed someone to help them leverage all that in the right way. 

“We’ve seen really good results and customers are loving it, but Michael and the team at Baccomatto are 95% of that. I just help them make sure they stay front of mind with their customers in an effective, unique way that their customers love.”

The results are in

Over the course of September and October 2023, Baccomatto Osteria sent 10 emails to their database of around 17,000 engaged guests, or roughly one per week.

With an open rate between 25-40%, the venue was getting at least 5000 opens for each email sent. From there, they quantified the number of bookings the emails influenced, which was a total of 229 over the two months (888 covers), with an average of 1.9 days between opening the email and booking a table.

Those 888 covers spent $48,840 in September and October at  Baccomatto Osteria, resulting in an average of $0.76 in revenue per email open. Given they send just over one email a week, they can confidently say that an engaged contact on their database is worth $47.42 per year!

Add in the fact they now have a system to let customers sign up to receive their recipes at the end of their meal and the compounding effects of only marketing to people who want to be marketed to (see: Seth Godin’s ‘Permission Marketing’), plus the unwavering philosophy that every email should provide its audience value and Baccomatto Osteria has a repeatable, scalable, highly-efficiently growth engine to ensure they’ll always have guests returning.

“We have been blown away by the overwhelming response from our email marketing campaigns by Nathan at Restaurant Launch,”  Michael Stevens, owner of Baccomatto Osteria, said.

“Utilising our long dormant database, we have welcomed back many old faces whom had forgotten about us and are also actively encouraging new customers to sign up.

“We have seen a big uptake in patrons both old and new.”

For more information on Restaurant Launch, you can contact Nathan here. Or to get started with Connect yourself, we can help you out here.

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