Email automation ideas: Behaviour automations

August 16, 2023
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This is a slice of a four-part series sharing 21 email automation ideas that we see get the most bang for buck for hospitality businesses. We’ve split the most effective email automations into four themes: behaviour, monetary, recency, and frequency.

Behaviour automations


Sent when a new contact is added to database.

Hey there!

Welcome to the [venue] family, [name].

We generally use these emails to share special offers and discounts, and let you know of any upcoming events at [venue]. No time-wasters from this account, we promise.

Thanks again.

New order welcome

A contact makes a new order. If they are a new contact,  send a welcome; if they are existing, send ‘It’s great to see you again’.

Hey [name],

Thanks for visiting [venue]!

We generally use these emails to share special offers and discounts, and let you know of any upcoming events at [venue]. No time-wasters from this account, we promise.

Stop by again with this email and we’ll shout you [offer].

Hopefully see you soon.

Happy Birthday 

X days before a contact's birthday, send a birthday email with a special offer redeemable within X days of their special day.

Happy birthday, [name]!

We’re so excited for your special day coming up that we’re offering you [offer] if you dine in with us in the next 30 days. 

Simply show this email to your server and they’ll drop everything and shout the birthday song at you.

We hope you have the best day.

Resend automation

Anyone who has not opened a campaign after X days, resend with a different message.

Hey [name],

You probably get so many emails, but we noticed our last one didn’t get opened, so we’re trying again with a slightly different offer!

Next time you visit [venue], show this email and get [offer].

We can’t wait to see you soon.

Email bounced 

If an email bounces or is undeliverable, send an SMS.

Hey [name], we sent you a special offer via email but it bounced! So we’re trying here - can you please confirm your email address?


If a customer orders product X often (specify what often means), upsell with product X + product Y for their next order via an automated campaign.

Hey [name],

Between us, we know you’ve shown a hankering for [product A] in the past, so we’re sending you a special offer.

The next time you dine with us and order [product A], we’re throwing in a free [product B]. Simply show your server this email.

Hope to see you soon!

Milestone birthday

Milestone examples are ages 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80. Six weeks before a milestone birthday, send a venue hire email. Then 14 days days before their birthday, send a birthday offer. Reminder email seven days before birthday.

Hey [name],

A little birdy told us you have a birthday coming up. And not just any birthday, but a [age] birthday!

Did you know we have an event space? And did you know that if you reply to this email, we’ll throw in [offer] to contribute to your birthday celebrations?

We can’t wait to hopefully celebrate with you.

Post-visit feedback

The day after a visit, send a feedback survey with an offer attached. 

Hey [name],

Thanks for dining with us!

How was everything? We’d love to hear your honest feedback - was it so good, not bad, or meh? Click on this [link] and let us know and a free [offer] is yours next time you dine with us.

Thanks again.

What Did You Think?

Send a survey to users that have just purchased the newest addition to the menu.

Hey [name],

We just added the [item] to our menu and you were one of the first people to try it!

How was it?

Reply to this email with a 25+ word review and you’ll get a free [offer] next time you dine with us.

To get the most out of the whole four-part series, check out the other automation themes below.

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