Email automation ideas: Frequency automations

August 16, 2023
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Frequency automations 


Re-engage customers who previously visited any one or more of your venues but has since been absent for X months. 

Hey [name],

We miss you! 

We haven’t seen you for a while at [venue name] and want to welcome you back. If you pop in within the next 30 days, show this email and you’ll get [offer].

Since you last visited, we’ve made a few tweaks to the menu and have a hotshot new chef.

Hope to see you soon!

High spenders

If the number of bookings by a customer is greater than X in the past 12 months, send a special order or delivery promotion to them to maximise order value with high spenders.

Hey [name],

You’ve been to [venue] [number] times in the last 12 months! That puts you in the top [number]% of our most loyal customers.

To say thank you, here’s a special offer: simply show this email in-venue to receive [offer].

Thanks for everything. 

VIP guest

For X or more visits in the last X months and spend more than $X per visit, send an offer.

Hey [name],

We had a meeting internally and it turns out you’re one of our best customers! Since we’re your biggest fan, and you seem to think we’re ok, we want to continue this relationship.

To say thank you, here’s a special offer: simply show this email in-venue to receive [offer].

Thanks for everything. 


When a VIP contact makes a reservation, send them a personalised SMS to make them feel extra special. 

Thanks for booking with us, [name]! We can’t wait to welcome you back to [venue]. See you soon.

Drive second visit in x days

X days after the first visit, send an offer to encourage them to come back 

Hey [name],

We know you came in last week, but want you to come back next week, just because.

To sweeten the deal, we’re offering you [offer] so we can see your face again. This offer is valid until [date] and only for dining in.

Hopefully see you soon!

Regular diner 

For someone who has visited your venue 10 times, for example, ask them for their feedback and make them feel part of the inner circle.

Hey [name],

Did you know you’ve been to [venue] 10 times now? 

You know us as well as anyone so we’d love it if you took 30 seconds to leave us a Google Review at this [link]. 

We want to make sure we’re continuing to do something to encourage you to come back so we can soon send you an email letting you know about your 20th visit!

Thanks so much.

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